This is a module for Honeyd...
Its purpose is to provide fake but realistic SNMP answers to snmpget and snmpwalk requests.

Quite simple indeed.

1. Add the following line in your honeyd configuration file :  
   add host udp port 161 "/full/path/to/ (community ...)"
   several communities can be specified (space separated). if no community is defined the system will answer to "public" and "private"

2. Buid the specific configuration files with the command : /full/path/to/honeyd_configuration_file
   answer the questions

3. change dirs in

1. Improve stability
2. Improve customizability (open ports, uptime etc.)
3. Manage SET requests
4. Learn PERL

The FrenchHoneynetProjet -
Renaud Bidou - renaud.bidou at